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        Enterprise-grade CAPTCHA Solution


        Innovated Defense Theory

        The enterprises now confront smart hackers and the traditional Captchas’s performance in protecting platform from abusive traffic is getting worse. GeeTest’s Trinity Protection machine leaning models keep fighting against bots and self-adjusting to combat constantly evolving internet threat

        How it Works

        GeeTest CAPTCHA identifies humans from bots based on the data generated as users interact with the CAPTCHA.

        Detect Bot Features

        When a visitor clicks at the CAPTCHA button, the CAPTCHA will automatically collect and analyze more than 100 parameters, including the network environment data, device attributes, biometric data, etc.


        Challenge the Threats

        Based on the bot detection tests done on these data, GeeTest security engine evaluates the risk level of the visitor. If bot feature has been detected, more data will be collected through a challenge response to verify the identity.


        Learn and Evolve

        As new malicious attack patterns are identified throughout the 290,000 GeeTest protected domains, the machine learning models behind the GeeTest Risk Analysis Engine evolves to pinpoint and block all angles of attack in real-time.


        Environment Detection Analytic Model

        Through advanced machine learning models, GeeTest CAPTCHA accurately detects and blocks fraudulent bot traffic in real-time. These ML models are fed with our risk database which stores our anti-bot experience in the past 7 years and its shared with all GeeTest customers.


        Biometric Data Telling Bots Apart

        An increasing number of attackers are utilizing AI technology in their bot programs, it’s nearly impossible for websites and apps or even humans to accurately tell them apart. Geetest CAPTCHA is equipped with biometric classification models, powered by machine learning algorithms such as clustering, hash and CNN to detect non-human traffic. As users interact with the CAPTCHA, GeeTest collects and analyzes the environmental and biometric data. These machine learning algorithms can continuously learn the emerging attack pattern and identify bot features throughout 290,000+ GeeTest protected domains.


        Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

        GeeTest develops a custom CAPTCHA solution based on what you want and need. You can choose a difficulty level or switch to various types of CAPTCHA to get flexible control on traffic based on your unique security requirement. The user interface of CAPTCHA can also be adapted to your websites or APPs, which could keep consistent with your branding design. Besides, GeeTest CAPTCHA can be combined with your prior security bot detection and become a part of your security system to promote the overall security level. GeeTest provides not a solution, but your solution.


        Safeguard All the Access Points

        GeeTest CAPTCHA supports WEB, WAP, iOS, Android, Html5 and is compatible with all browsers (IE6 and later). GeeTest ensures the security of your websites, mobile apps and APIs against bad bot attacks on all fronts.

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