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        Privacy Policy

        Wuhan Jiyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GeeTest” or “We”) attaches great importance to your privacy. Under some circumstances, we need certain information to provide the service at your request. Therefore, GeeTest formulates this Privacy Policy to help explain the collection, storage, use and protection of your personal information.


        1. Before you use GeeTest services, please kindly read this Policy carefully and make sure you fully understand and agree to the Policy before you start to use the service provided by GeeTest. If you are already using the service, we consider you have fully understood and agreed to the Policy.

        2. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services that GeeTest provides, and is also applicable to the upgrading and adjustment of GeeTest services.

        3. GeeTest will adjust and update this Policy regularly or irregularly. Such adjustment or updating will be announced on the website beforehand. The updated Privacy Policy will replace the elder one as soon as it is published online.

        Scope of Information Collection

        1. Any account information collected for account registration, purchase, use, authentication and other necessary content. This includes name, contact information, service area, address, email address, mobile phone number, website URL, APPs, bank account information, company registration information, etc.

        2. Information on your login and use that GeeTest collected and saved during the service period in order to continuously provide services or guarantee service quality. This includes but is not limited to IP address, geographic location, software and hardware feature information, user identifiers, etc. The information scope on the specific agreement signed for using the service shall prevail.

        3. The customers of GeeTest service are companies. GeeTest does not directly face the end user. This means GeeTest will not acquire the end users’ personal information actively. Before you start to use GeeTest service, we need to sign an extra specific agreement about the pre-requisite you have to meet so as to accord with the local laws and regulations of both parties.

        Methods and Purpose for Information Collection

        1. When providing you with specific business services, we will collect, use, store, and destroy the information by your actively filling in, submitting, or saving generated records during your use of service in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and related service agreements.

        2. The purpose of collecting this information is to provide you with high-quality, convenient, safe and reliable services, and also to meet your needs for using GeeTest service.

        3.If there is a need to collect user information beyond the stated purpose or beyond the scope of existing reasonable use, we will inform you again and obtain your consent before collection.

        Use of Information

        1. We shall provide GeeTest service once you complete your account registration and necessary identity validation.

        2.Based on your website information, browsing information, record, and validation data, we will promote value-added or tailored service.

        3. Based on your use record of a certain product, we will optimize and upgrade the service.

        4. Based on your use record of a certain product, we will perform de-identification statistical analysis and processing, so as to facilitate the improvement and enhancement of specific product performance and service quality.

        Information Protection

        1. GeeTest will not share, transfer or disclose your information to any third party, and we will try our best to avoid collecting unrelated information.

        2. GeeTest will strictly protect your information security, and will adopt various security technology and programs to protect your information from being visited, used or disclosed without consent.

        3. Based on the network environment, there are always various risks of information leakage. When accidents, force majeure and other circumstances occur and cause your personal information leakage, GeeTest will inform you in time and take reasonable security measures to prevent any expansion of losses.

        4. If you disclose your GeeTest username, password, etc. to other persons or share a GeeTest account with other people, GeeTest shall not be liable for the information leakage caused. Similar information leakage which cannot be attributed to GeeTest will also prevent GeeTest from being liable for the leakage.

        Cookie Statement

        1. Cookies can help you personalize your online experience, and you can accept or reject Cookies. You can usually modify your browser settings to reject Cookies according to your needs.

        2. When you register for a GeeTest account or accept a service, GeeTest will also use Cookies. In this case, we will collect and store necessary Cookie information, which usually contains identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. When you visit GeeTest website again, we can identify you, and Cookies from GeeTest can only be read by GeeTest.

        3. If your browser is set to refuse Cookies, you can still access most of the web pages of GeeTest.


        If you are not clear about this Privacy Policy or other items, please contact us through the official website of GeeTest: http://www.ydtdhmb.com/ or overseas@geetest.com. Under most circumstances, GeeTest only plays the role of a processor in service, who has no relations with the person whose information is processed by GeeTest.