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        Specialized to defend against bots

        Security vs User Experience

        Traditional captcha identifies bots from legitimate users with cognitive challenge. Humans are good at visual recognition task such as image or item recognition, whereas machines not. However, with the development of machine learning, machines are also capable of these cognition tasks. To defend against the sophisticated bot threats, traditional CAPTCHA has to be harder, which leads to high user friction and translates to reduced conversion rates.

        Background noisy and distorted characters hurt your users


        Ambiguous cognitive challenges potentially reduce conversation rates

        GeeTest Reliefs Your Users from the Security Burden

        To solve the security vs user experience problem, GeeTest developed AI-powered Slide CAPTCHA in 2012. Instead of visual recognition challenge, GeeTest asks visitors to play a puzzle game. While visitors interact with the captcha, GeeTest collects data for its AI-powered risk engine to identify malicious features. By this way, GeeTest distinguishes legitimate humans with an intuitive interaction and relief users from a challenge based security burden.

        Feature Highlights

        Excellent Accuracy

        8 years’ anti-bot experience and advanced machine learning techniques guarantees acuracy.

        Zero User Friction

        Challenge-response requires no knowledge from user side. 1.6s average response time beats any other CAPTCHAs.

        Data Security

        Meet the compliance requirements for GDPR. Ensuring customers’ data security is top priority.

        Safeguard all Access Points

        Cross-platform compatibility with web(IE6+), iOS, Android and HTML5. Protect your websites, mobile apps or APIs from bad bot attacking.

        Flexible Integration

        Easy and quick deployment. Flexible integration with external bot management system.

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