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        Smarter Way to Stop Bad Bots

        Serving 290,000+ businesses worldwide

        Processing 1,000,000,000+ requests daily

        GeeTest protects business against abusive traffic


        Protect over 290,000 Websites and Apps Worldwide

        The security solution challenging user experience would be finally challenged by users

        GeeTest's pursuit of experience resists cyber enemies invisibly.

        —— XiaoMi

        GeeTest's CAPTCH effectively blocks abnormal requests and greatly improves user's login experience and efficiency.

        —— Weibo

        GeeTest has helped us provide better defense against bot attacks while maintaining a good user experience. They have provided a stable global service with flexible customization.

        —— Distil


        We protect your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats.

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        Web Scraping

        Prevent valuable content and sensitive data from being stolen


        Ticket Scalping

        Prevent fraudsters automaticallyobtain tickets for resale


        Account Takeover

        Prevent credential stuffing and fraud payment


        Abusive traffic

        Effectively reduce abusive traffic and prevent platform resources from being maliciously wasted


        Ad Fraud

        Block the fraudsters who take extra income from creating the fake traffic

        Why our solution is better

        Tech-Powered Security

        Powered by massive biometric data collected in the past 8 years, GeeTest built a self-adaptive defense model based on Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN). By analyzing over 200+ parameters, our dynamic defense model provides you with a broader and deeper understanding of bot activities associated with any API.

        Faster & Fun

        With our intelligent Captcha, users do not need to suffer from solving hard problems from other Captchas. To create better user experience, we introduce gamification to Captcha which bring fun and effortless experience without sacrificing security.

        Better Service

        We have professional service team available 24/7. Support 78 language and customized Captchas. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

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